My Story


I’m a lover of nature, clean, healthy food, running, crossfit training, yoga and business! I’m under 30, live in the Pacific Northwest and am married to the most handsome and inspiring man I know, Kylon. We love to backpack, snowboard, and workout together, as well as read and build businesses together. We also love our dog, Sif.

Having a health conscious mom while growing up, I have always had a pre-disposition to focus on healthy living. While I didn’t always follow through, it was always present in my life. Since being married, it has really become a priority and I guess you could say, my life. I have tried many different paths to becoming healthy and live a well life, but through my journey, I have really discovered and firmly believe in creating habits that last long term, over a quick fix or short term solution. Since practicing this myself, I have lost over 40lbs and am the strongest I have ever been in my life. I not only feel better but I am confident in my body and what I am capable of.

I have my Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Wellness with an emphasis on nutrition counseling as well as my 200 E-RYT Yoga Teacher Certification, with focusing on training other yogis through Cascade School of Yoga. I own two brick and mortar business; Renu Hot Yoga and NUYU Juice Bar.

Cascade School of Yoga came about after I moved up to the mountains full-time and realized that this place is such an inspiring and healing place to learn and teach. I have hosted yoga retreats that have turned into very special moments in my heart. I am now very excited to take my passion for living a well-balanced life and teaching others to do so through the practice of yoga and my school of training future yoga instructors.

I’m glad that you dropped by and I hope that we can connect further.