Choose You (ebook) – A 40 day guide to developing healthy habits


This is the ultimate guide to getting you started on your health habit journey. Life is all about habits and the things you choose to do every single day. It’s important to choose your health and make sure you’re doing something every day to further your health. Life is the greatest gift ever received and it can be the gift that keeps giving if taken care of properly.

Join hundreds of others in the world, participate in the 40 days in this book to create healthy habits that will last a lifetime and start Choosing You.



“Choosing You”. These are such simple words, but acting on them and actively taking steps every day to “choose you”, can be one of the hardest decisions ever made.

This book is here to be a guide for you in creating and sustaining healthy habits by doing one thing, every day for 40 days straight.

Read each day, accomplish each goal and begin to notice the difference you’re making in your body, mind, heart and spirit.


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