Creating waves of harmony.

Hi friends,

I just want to share some thoughts from my personal journal. 🙂

If you follow me on social media, you may know that I recently went down to Texas for my grandmothers memorial service. It was perfect and honored her life just as she would have wanted it. As I was down there I found myself being contemplative and not terribly motivated to do any work(I know…that shouldn’t have crossed my mind), but it did and I quickly had to realize that my role for that weekend was to listen, slow down and reminisce. A few years ago, this would have freaked me out. Not kidding. I was the kind of person who would panic if the room was quiet and I was left alone with my thoughts.

I’ll admit, it’s still hard to do that these days, with running businesses and just living in a time where everything is fast-paced and going constantly. But, I’ve been reading and learning lately that the active and the passive complement one another and that they should work together to create harmony in our lives. I believe there is a time for each aspect. There is a time to work hard, move fast, be active and there is a time to slow down, reflect and respond and a lot of times, it can happen simultaneously. To create a picture, this should be a nice wave going up and down; active and passive. It’s smooth and balanced. It shouldn’t be a high peak and then a low crash. This would be like working yourself to sickness or extreme anxiety to the point that your body literally gives out and you physically can’t work…that’s the crash.

As I was out on the ranch, I was reminded of this balance from a memory of my grandma. She loved to work hard and always had things she was doing…you wouldn’t find her idle much of the time and she loved it because she was an independent woman. But, every night, at the same time, she would put Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” on the speakers outside, grab a drink and watch the deer and antelope come out to the feeder. Every night. Without fail. She loved that quiet time, watching the animals and the sunset. Most of the time, we wouldn’t talk either. It was peaceful, reflective and calm.

When I had come home, I read this quote from “The Tao of Inner Peace” by Diane Dreher.

“One extreme complements the other. Action and repose seem opposite, but wise action includes rest, reflection, and inner guidance, avoiding the extremes of compulsiveness or passivity. In our lives and our world, the dynamic balance of these forces brings harmony. Sometimes people get stuck in one extreme or the other, becoming too passive or too active. Both active(yang) and contemplative(yin) are essential to intelligent living. We all need moments of silent reflection or our actions would have no direction, no meaning. Conversely, without action, our thoughts cannot take form.”

I love this quote because it shows that the two must work together. You can’t be ALL active and you can’t be ALL passive. Take a lesson from my grandma and create a wave of harmony in your life. Take a lesson from me and learn to love to quiet, peaceful times because they make the active times that much more enjoyable.

Thanks for reading and for all the love!


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