Just a few of my favorite things.

Hi friends!

I’m excited to share this little blog post on an update I made to my website. Since owning the studio, juice bar as well as just immersing myself into yoga and health and what it means for me personally, I have come to really love some companies in this arena. I really came to love them because of what they valued and because that resonated with me and the life I choose to live.

I’m going to keep this short because I know that if you check out their stuff, you’ll see what I mean. Some of the companies have been gracious enough to give me a discount code to offer you, but all of them are worth every penny, because I don’t believe you can put a price on your health and your families health. Here is a little bit about my favorites. You can go click on the “resources” page anytime as I hope to be continually adding and offering insight to all of you. Also, if you want access to the discounts, click on the links in my website. 🙂

Enjoy and Happy Weekend!




Teami Blends tea is a great way to reset your digestive tract and cleanse your body. I have done the 30 day detox a couple times now and have truly felt less bloated and lost a few pounds of extra stuff that didn’t need to be there anymore. You can use code teliah10 for a discount on any purchase!



Blue Ridge Hemp Co is a wonderful company that I recently discovered. I’m so happy that I found them though because their products have helped me in a numerous of ways, from neck tension during work to muscle recovery after a hard workout or yoga session. Here is a little bit about what they do any why: “One of the most widely used and accepted forms of treatment for the symptoms of chronic pain, as well as other conditions, has been the various uses of the Cannabis Hemp plant. In states permitting medical use more and more people are turning to Cannabis to ease their suffering. Scientist have discovered there is one key component of the Cannabis Hemp plant that accounts for most of the plant’s natural health benefits. That component is Cannabidiol (CBD).We have taken Industrial Hemp derived CBD and combined it with other ethically and sustainably sourced Terpene rich botanicals to form products that allow all people to harness the healing power of Cannabis.” For 10% off your purchase, use code: teliah10



Jade Yoga mats are a non-toxic grippy yoga mat. I use one regularly and we only sell these mats at my studio, Renu Hot Yoga. I love their story, their mat is high quality without breaking the bank, ensuring you’re giving back to the world while enjoying your yoga. “Natural rubber has better cushion and resilience, making it more comfortable. Finally, tapped from rubber trees, natural rubber is a renewable resource and our mats are made in the United States in compliance with U.S. environmental laws and contain no PVCs – making our mats the first “green” and non-toxic yoga mats.” If you want to order a mat, click here and enjoy!


GTS(Greater than Sports) Clothing is a small American made company based on the east coast. I have been purchasing their clothes from almost the beginning and they only continue to get better. The pants fit so well and don’t move during runs or yoga classes which are a big plus for me. I also love knowing that all their clothes are made here in the states…keep it local! The customer service is great and I would recommend their clothing to anyone. Kylon even has some of their pants and shorts and loves wearing them backpacking and under his snowboarding pants. Check it out!



Ello Candle Co. is a soy candle company based out of Washington. Ello strives to bring the healthiest candles to your home. “Every candle that we produce at Ello Candle Co. comes with a threefold promise of purity. We seek the most natural ingredients to create these hand poured, homemade candles. All of our candles are made with pure soy wax and are completely paraffin free. We use cotton-braided wicks coated in white beeswax for a lead and zinc free, environmentally friendly, clean burning candle. We scent our candles with 100% therapeutic grade essential oil fragrances for aromatherapy. There are absolutely no synthetic fragrances in our candles and they are all derived from natural plant sources.” My absolute favorites are Lemon Lavender, Orange Rosemary and Lemongrass Fir. Enjoy!