October Retreat – Recap & Reflect

Hi friends,


So, as most of you know this last weekend was my first mountain yoga retreat and wow…I am still processing the magic of those few days that it’s been hard to put into words.


I have had friends and family ask how it went and I respond with a “It was so great! I feel really good about it.” Well, that’s a lie, because it BLEW MY MIND! It surpassed any expectations I had for the weekend, from the yoga, the conversation and community, the food, the relaxation and even down to the weather. Yes, the weather.

The yoga was incredible. I got to teach and I also got to take class from a friend, my sister and an previous instructor from Renu. It was so lovely and every class offered something different from the previous one giving the yoga aspect excitement and diversity. Plus, we had a fire burning behind every class, offering the perfect ambiance.


The ladies that joined were so perfect. They all got along well and became fast friends by the time the two days were over. The rich conversation, laughter and authenticity made being around each other, refreshing and energizing. I’m so honored that my circle of friends grew from this.


The food was fresh and down-right tasty. I’m blessed by Lexy and Adam who catered to us and took a yoga class when they were able. Smelling freshly cooked warm meals waiting for you while you’re taking a yoga class and laying in Savasana is a heavenly feeling, let me tell you that and everyone was so grateful.


Honestly, thinking back, I couldn’t think of a more relaxing and magical getaway but wouldn’t you know it, Mother Nature stepped in to take this weekend to the next level. SNOW. Big, beautiful flakes softly falling ALL day Saturday, which made for 4 even more magical yoga classes and a crisp, quiet walk to the lake with friends.


Re-living these moments makes my heart so full and happy that I truly cannot wait to share more of this with you. I’m sharing some pictures that the attendants took so you can see what I’m talking about!


I’ll be honest, I was nervous that I would be stressed out about how this weekend went and that it would all fall apart that I wouldn’t have the courage to host another one. I can happily say, it is the complete opposite. I am full, energized, rested and ready to connect with more individuals who are looking for peace and relaxation in their world.


This is a good feeling.