WHY Teacher Training

Hi friends!

I recently participated in teaching sections of my friends first Teacher Training and loved it! I had already been planning on hosting my own in the next year, but after this first week, I just got that much more excited.

It was actually the talk that my husband Kylon did in the training. He talked on creating a mission statement and core values to live and teach yoga by. Of course it was tied into the core values that we all believe a yoga instructor should have but I loved the bigger impact behind the conversation that ensued.

It goes beyond what you do in a classroom setting. It’s how you choose to live your life and how you choose to treat people. These are the non-negotiables by which you leave your mark on the world which is all we want to do right? We all want to leave our mark in some form on this beautiful world.

Obviously, I love the idea of facilitating a space to train and bring new yoga instructors into the world, but what really gets me jazzed is knowing that there will be more people creating and learning to live by their non-negotiables. They will be actively making their world a better place and ultimately make the worlds of every one they teach and influence better too by instilling core values such as:






Being a learner 

I don’t really have a big point with this post other than the fact that I’m so stoked and I wanted to share my excitement with you all.

Thanks for listening!