Stop stressing about stress!

Hi friends!

A big part of living a healthy lifestyle is being able to manage and cope with stress. Now, I used to focus so much of my energy on NOT having stress in my life at all.

Like, to the point where I would stress about trying not to have stress. C’mon.

It’s unrealistic. Unless you are living in a cave somewhere, completely isolated from the world then you are going to have challenges that will sometimes cause you stress and maybe even cause some anxiety.

Instead of stressing about stress coming along in your daily lifestyle, I have found that it is easier to know how to cope with that stress. It’s like adding another tool to your daily life tool belt. The more tools(knowledge, practice, understanding) you have, the better equipped you will be for whatever may come your way.

Along with feeling better prepared and equipped for stress, you may even find that you can use daily challenges or stress in your favor. Almost like using it as fuel to push you past the challenge. 😉

I’m going to share with you 4 coping skills that I received from a wonderful lady I know, Stephanie Dalfonzo. She shared them with me, and they are so good and simple that I found it impossible NOT to share.

So, learn these techniques, put them in your tool-belt so you can tackle and master stress in every capacity.

Here are the 4 coping skills for stress and anxiety.

Stay healthy friends!