What habits are you creating today?

Creating habits is all about the mindset that you come to the table with. So, today, change your mindset.

This isn’t just about losing 10 pounds or whatever your goal is, this is you creating a habit that will compound health benefits to last your lifetime and even beyond as you influence those around you.

This is what has helped me with my health goals and overall healthy lifestyle which is why I love this mindset shift!

Although goals are important and they help to get the health journey started, I want to focus on the mindset of your workouts today. Having a healthy mindset is extremely important to see to the success of your exercise. Because getting healthy is not just a quick switch, but a lifestyle change, I don’t want you to think about the short term focus of ‘losing weight’. I want to challenge you to think about this as a lifestyle change and a creation of habit every time you work out. This change of mindset will help to solidify the creation of this habit in your mind as something that is a part of you and not something that you ‘have’ to do everyday but something that you want and get to do to stay healthy and keep changing your lifestyle.

So, along with your short-term goals, today, create a long-term goal. This goal will go beyond any short-term goals that you have created and really focus in on the “WHY” of your lifestyle change. Having a “WHY” behind everything you do, makes you that much more inclined to accomplish the little daily goals.


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Stay healthy friends!