My GO-TO yoga sequence.

Hi friends!

I had such incredible feedback and outreach from when I shared my favorite smoothie recipe, that I figured I should share some more of my favorites and go-to’s. Keep in mind that all of these and more health habit development will be in my ebook scheduled to come out by the end of summer this year! AH.

So, this sequence is used by me A LOT when I’m practicing at home and warming up for deeper strengthening and stretching postures as well as in my sequences at the studio because it covers all your bases. Core strength, back strength, legs, arms, the mind and so much more.

So, again, enjoy! and SHARE it. I love sharing and everyone needs more yoga.

Seated Meditation: 8-10 min

Seated Side Stretch -> Right Side/Left Side: Each side 8-10 breaths

Seated Cat/Cow Breath

Boat Pose Crunches: 10 times

Downward-Facing Dog (Stretch/Walk out your heels feeling hamstring stretch)

Surya Namaskar A (Sun Salutation A): 5 times

Walk to the top of mat-dangle in rag doll

Extended Triangle -> Side Angle -> Half-Bind or Full Bind: Right Leg

Wide-Legged Forward Fold -> Add in Shoulder rinse

Extended Triangle -> Side Angle -> Half-Bind or Full Bind: Left Leg

Sun Salutation A: 1 time

Dancing Warrior (1,2,Reverse) – Right Leg/Left Leg: 2 times each side

Bhujangasana (Cobra): 2 times

Salabhasana (Half-Locust): 2 times

Poorna Salabhasana (Full Locust): 2 times

Dhanurasana (Floor Bow): 2 Times

Ustrasana (Camel): 2 Times

Bridge -> Full Wheel: 2 Times

Lay on back -> Pull knees to chest

Happy Baby -> Savasana

Hold each posture for around 5-10 breaths unless specified and remember there is a difference between growth and actual pain. Be aware and be mindful of HOW you’re feeling.

Be healthy friends!