Vision Casting – Use this technique for your health goals too!

We have all heard the saying, “YOU WIN THE MORNING YOU WIN THE DAY”.

Well, I’m here to say that it really does mean a lot to start strong and intentional in the morning and when you do, it does carry over into the rest of your day. Self or day vision casting, or imagining your day before it actually happens can be essential to how the day will play out.

Although there are uncontrollable factors that can throw a kink in our plans, if we HAVE plans, we are at least trying to be intentional with the direction of our daily life. These tiny intentional moments carry over into the big picture too.

I recently heard that Olympic Gold Medalists do this before a big event. They take a moment and envision themselves winning the medal before they actually do. They are intentional with their thoughts and take control of the outcome. You can do this too. Envision the success of working out for 45 min or nailing the big pitch meeting at work. Really envision every moment, emotion and decision that you are going to feel/experience/have and take control of your outcome before it happens!


GOAL: Before you step outside for the day or even move onto social media. Envision the success that you will have during your day. Even in the little things and then write them down. At the end of your day, go back to that list and see how much you accomplished by envisioning and focusing on it!


Talk soon