Small tips to avoiding injury.

After being motivated to make a change in our lifestyle, it’s easy to jump right into something and go full force. While that is not completely a bad thing on the emotional and mental level, sometimes that can cause injury physically. If you are trying a new exercise or a new form of exercise, instead of jumping in full force, create a plan to work up to the point you want to be.

You see the importance of this with marathon runners or IronMan trainers. They don’t just do the entire race on their first day of training; they set aside months to train and they have a plan for how they build up to their goal.

Now, I’m guilty of this and not the best at creating a plan, which is why I have a few apps downloaded on my phone to help. There are some great apps out there but here are a few of my favorites:

Couch to 5k
Couch to 10k
Nike+ Training Club

Remember this is important, because if you get injured, chances of accomplishing your goal go way down but you also have to wait that much longer to achieve it. Grow in your health at a steady pace and let your body catch up to your mind’s goal.