Get Sweaty!

Get sweaty – it’s not enough to just move, get sweaty and really exert yourself

SWEAT! Along with moving and exercising, comes sweating. I love sweating and really exerting myself during my workouts. I mean, I’m a hot yoga instructor, I think I come by it naturally. But, I know that some people hate the feeling of sweat on their skin and therefore won’t do enough cardio to even break a sweat. Here is where I tell you to get over it, because your body needs to sweat and we all need to workout THAT hard to see the results we really want to see. Trust me when I say that once you do it, and keep doing it, you get used to sweat running down your face. If you aren’t convinced just yet, here are some extra benefits to sweating daily!

  1. Boosts Endorphins – Feel good hormones
  2. Detoxifies the skin and the body
  3. Lowers Kidney Stone risk
  4. Clears the skin – reduces acne
  5. Prevents colds and other sicknesses – contains antimicrobial peptides that attack bacteria

Goal: Workout hard enough to sweat consistently for 20 min of your hour workout each day.

If you need some help with this or just some accountability, feel free to reach out to me by clicking the link below:

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