Strength in Vulnerability

To be vulnerable.

To be susceptible to physical and/or emotional attack or harm.

In my life, I have always viewed vulnerability as being weak. Not being strong enough to handle what life was handing me. I would shy away from being alone, because I would be left to my thoughts and feelings and I didn’t like feeling anything less than strong and ‘put together’. Due to this mindset, I missed out on different processes that help someone heal from grief, pain, and heartache. I just kept holding it in, until I would burst. You know why? Because being open and vulnerable is hard and it’s scary. It means you have to face life head on, knowing that it can hurt and it will but hoping that somewhere along the road there will be a glimpse of something magical and it will be beautiful and captivating!

I learned that facing each day with an open heart could yes, bring undesired pain or hurt, but could also bring love, beauty, friendships, and understanding. I remember feeling so nervous to make my blogs available online and for people to see. Yes, my people, my friends and family, but people nonetheless. I also remember the feeling of acceptance and resonation throughout those that read it and getting excited that even one person could relate! There is blessing in community and in order for there to be community, there has to be vulnerability and openness. This is something that I desire for our yoga studio. We have strangers that come through our doors every day. They are nervous, uncertain and scared about starting yoga, but my hope is that they will be met with vulnerability on my part. I hope they can see that I don’t have it all put together and that we can learn side by side.

Being vulnerable is the ultimate form of strength. It takes guts to wake up each day and say, “today, I will love even if I’m not loved in return. I will be open hearted even if I’m met with hostility. I will lay it all out there, even if it’s not accepted.”