I want to write a book.

Renú Hot Yoga is open and in full swing. Classes are slowly getting bigger and the response from people is amazing. I’m so blessed with the team that we have and the clients that are with us every day so far. God has truly blessed this business and I’m so excited to see the growth.

Today is the first day that I have had the entire morning at home and don’t have to be at the studio for another hour. This is insane. I read, I ate a delicious breakfast(now I’m looking for some lunch), I fell back asleep for a while and now I’m here. Completely here, just wanting to write. I love this.

While sitting here, tea in hand, I have been looking back on my goals for this year and one of them is to start my eBook. You may not know, but I’m going to school for my BS of Health and Wellness and I’m also working towards my yoga certification. I love health and I love fitness. When my husband mentioned that I should write an eBook, I blew it off, because honestly, I had never written much of anything before. But, then I realized that I didn’t want it to be some elaborate, insightful, piece of work. Instead, I wanted a simple and easy to understand guide for those who have never had any health and wellness guidance in their life. I decided that it’s going to be a daily reader; like 365 days of Health and Fitness. Or something. I’m still working on the title. What I would love from you, is advice. Any advice! If you were to be looking for a book like that, what would you expect, like to see included in the material, how would you like to access it, and how much would you spend? Please be honest. I’m just in the dreaming and planning stages, so I will take anything advice you may offer with an open heart and an open mind.

{Knowing that I wanted to write a book was a significant reason as to why I started a blog. I wanted to see if my words would resonate with people. People who didn’t know me personally, but could see my values and goals through written word.}