Creating Mind-Body connection and health

Owning a yoga studio, going to Crossfit periodically, running in my spare time and eating a vegan diet, I have never questioned my physical health and the habits that push my physical health further. It hasn’t been until recently that I have begun to understand the impact that my mental and emotional health have on my life. Not only that, but how a healthy mental and emotional life is just as important as the physical aspect. Together, they create a balanced, whole version of you. When they are out of balance or aren’t working together in harmony, than those are the days where the world feels “off” or like “everything and everyone is out to get me”.

Being able to identify what is causing this imbalance has been and still is my biggest challenge. It’s easy for me, as an extrovert to get caught up in doing my daily tasks without taking the time to inventory my mind and emotions. It’s a challenge to slow down in the morning, and take some time for myself before even leaving my bed. But, when I do take that time, the daily differences are dramatic and I only crave for the time to be longer and more often. Here are a few things that have helped my emotional and mental health over the past few months.

  1. Keep your phone on airplane mode or ‘Do not Disturb’. Not having my phone going off first thing in the morning has really helped keep my attention inward without the distractions. Also, having it shut off on the weekends can really help me escape my work, even if I stay in town. The ‘Do Not Disturb’ button is seriously my favorite. I have it on all day. This prevents my phone going off constantly and allows me to take a couple minutes every few hours to catch up on texts, emails and call. I love this feature! You should definitely use it!
  2. Meditate. Meditating to me is eliminating outside distractions, sitting still and not letting your mind wander. I will sit in bed, with my little lamp on, coffee by my side, and gentle music playing while I bring my awareness to my mind and my emotions. Recognizing how you feel and being aware of that will help you ACT, and NOT react in challenging situations throughout the day.
  3. Find time to get away. Finding a day or two to escape from home and work is a great little getaway from normal, daily obligations. Like, right now, I’m up in the mountains with my husband and I love it! I feel refreshed, motivated and inspired all over again. It’s easy to get burnt out, so be sure you’re challenging yourself to slow down and rest.
  4. Journal(or blog). Write down your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, instead of taking the time to find someone to talk to, it’s easier to just write and get it all out of my head or off my heart. Most of the time, I find that once I do, the things I thought bothered me really don’t.

Taking care of your mind and your heart, ensures that you are motivated and inspired to continue taking care of your physical body. If these few things don’t work for you, find other ways to slow down and tend to your mental and emotional state. I guarantee you will become a better person for it and a better person for others to be around. 😉

Take it slow, start small.

If it’s difficult for you to be alone, practice being still, closing down your eyes and sit for 5 minutes. Maybe you’ll begin to crave it and your time will increase. Just 5 short years ago, I would literally panic if I didn’t have a person to be around. I absolutely hated being alone…but with practice and intention, I need it. It has now become a part of me.